VF Protocol

We're going to make transaction fees extinct.

Change is Coming

Payments today are fundamentally extractive. The more users transact, the more they lose.
Incumbent payment processors get to charge a 3% tax on the entire economy.
We think that's about to change because of DeFi.


We can move capital faster than we've ever been able to do before in the history of finance


We can get that capital precisely where it needs to go without outdated accounting systems


We can track exactly where every cent of that capital is every step of the way

How It Works

We let counterparties trade the time value of their money for the value of their money


Payments are hard.
Crypto payments are... even harder.
That's why we're testing, building, and scaling use apps for consumer use cases before onboarding external customers. Active projects include


Content Co-Creation and Creator Payments Software

VF Swap🎉

P2P NFT Private Sales
(No Fees)


Search, Filter, and
Save NFTs for Later

The Protocol

In the next era of finance, we can build a new kind of payments company.
One that actually creates value by earning micro-yield on every transaction.

Our Founder

Cameron Armstrong

Cameron Armstrong - Founder 🫡
He's a serial builder, self-taught developer, and likes to eat low hanging fruit.
He sold his last startup, got his MBA from Harvard Business School, and was an Infantry Officer in the US Army.